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The Meitner MA3

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Introducing Meitner Audio’s ground breaking MA3 Integrated D/A converter. The MA3 combines Ed Meitner’s proven world-class sound techniques from our beloved DA2 V2 and DV2 converters, with network audio streaming functions from our popular and simple to use NS1 Streamer.

The MA3 features:
· 16xDSD MDAC2™ DACs coupled with our proprietary MDAT2™ DSP
· VControl™ volume control used in our EMM DV2 converter
· Support for up to 2xDSD, DXD and full MQA® decoding
· Built in network streamer for music streaming service integration

Designed and manufactured in Canada, simply connect it directly to amplifier(s) and speakers of your choice and enjoy! The MA3 is the perfect integrated digital hub for any high end system, regardless of budget.

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Nordost Valhalla 2 Review

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It would be an understatement to say that in 2001, when Nordost introduced their original Valhalla cables, they were a revelation for me. Their focus and resolution of detail were like nothing I’d ever heard, and revealed in recorded performances a startling energy and realism. Throw in their seemingly absolute transparency, and . . .



Can Sonos Sound Any Better?

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Poor old Sonos Connect. In desperate need of an internal refresh, old faithful struggles to cut it on sound quality when compared to the best digital audio streamers on the market today. Its internal DAC can’t match the resolution and tonality of the AURALiC Aries Mini Nor can it match the Chinese alternative as a. . . .


Dynaudio Contour 20 Review

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“Everything a Future Classic Needs.” “Wow!” was our collective outburst when we found out that image hifi – perhaps the most prestigious Hi-Fi magazine in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland – had cleared the front page for the Contour 20.

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Danish Dynamite

A brand new Contour review has hit the streets in Germany, as the popular magazine, Audio, takes a closer listen to the compact stand mounter, Contour 20.

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Rave Reviews For Anthem MRX 1120!

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Praise for the Anthem MRX 1120 Continues to Roll In!


Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity’s Carlo Lo Raso applauds the MRX 1120, saying “the Anthem MRX 1120 is the best home theater receiver that I have had the pleasure of ever using. It looks deceptively simple on the outside and while it might not have every last bell and whistle that some of its competitors do, the features it does have are the ones that matter and are well thought out. It’s defining characteristic though is its sound quality and the MRX 1120 is truly top shelf in this regard. I don’t think I’d be overstating it if I said that the sound quality you get from this unit is comparable to having separates from some other manufacturers. ARC 2 room correction continues to show why it is one of the most well regarded of these types of systems. Bass was always tight, powerful and perfectly rendered regardless of the source material. ”


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DTS:X Has Arrived At Anthem

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Anthem’s AVM 60 Pre-Amplifier/Processor, MRX 720 and 1120 A/V Receivers are now DTS:X compatible!



Anthem’s AVM 60 Pre-Amplifier/Processor, MRX 720 and 1120 A/V Receivers are now DTS:X compatible!



We’re excited to share the news that owners of our AVM 60, MRX 720 and MRX 1120 can now leverage DTS:X with a simple software update.



DTS:X enables listeners to experience a more lifelike, multi-dimensional immersive audio experience, by placing sound where it would normally occur in space. The sound in DTS:X-enabled recordings is meant to mirror real-life, in which sound is everywhere and moves freely in all directions.



A full list of the current DTS:X-enabled content can be found via:


Anthem Avm 60 vs The Rest

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“I can’t recommend the Anthem AVM 60 highly enough” – Roger Kanno, SoundStage! Access


Roger Kanno was impressed with the AVM 60’s two-channel performance.


“It sounded absolutely fantastic with movies, but I expected that. What I didn’t expect was how well it would reproduce two-channel recordings of music. In fact, the AVM 60 performed so well in my reference system as a stereo DAC-preamp that I was more than happy to listen to it as my primary two-channel source for the entire listening period — a high compliment for a $2999 surround-sound processor. If you’re in the market for a high-quality surround-sound processor, I can’t recommend the Anthem AVM 60 highly enough. I would think long and hard before spending more.”


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